Thursday, March 22, 2007

Emily.. Emily..

After college Emily, Jacob, Blake, Houston, and meee went to look for prom dresses.. and might I add.. She found the most gorgeous one EVER! Anyways... being broke like we are it was a bit hard to afford dinner after the pack of ciggarettes we both needed so dearley.. But we counted change and somehow managed to find 4 dollars in change to go to taco bell. We leave the boys and get in the car laughing at how redicoulous her radio sounds and just keep talking. Emily: "I dont know how I should do my hair for prom.." Me: "Yea, wear it down. For my prom I put mine up and it got kinda frizzy.. EMILY!" And then we did a swerve and then we just stopped. Stopped right into this mans Caravan! Luckily we both had seatbelts on.. In trucks I generally dont wear one. But we were in a car so Im glad I wore it. Turns out the damage isnt so bad to the mans car. But to Emilys its a little bad.. She decides to wait to tell Darrell in a text message... that way by the time he was off of work he would already be cooled down enough to talk to her. But we still got our Taco Bell.. but I just paid in cash.. I thought she might need that change until she fixes that mans van!!


So Ive decided I want to go back to school. The hard thing is.. Ill have to take the lowest remedial math class and I can only take 2 classes a semester. It will take me forever to get my school done. So that pretty much discourages me. Well yesterday I went and talked to a counsler about graphic design. I cant do it. They dont offer it at BC. So that really does suck. I did find some good news though. Turns out you dont have to be 21 to begin the police academy classes, you just have to be 21 to take the test. I really do want to be a police officer but pretty much decided I wouldnt do it. Now Im back on that path again. Its what I wanted to do since about my junior year in highschool. Ill have to start prolly when im 20 though. So at least thats another year off. Its only for 2 semesters but the hard part is.. its a 6-10 class Monday-Friday. Thats alot of school!! But while im still young enough to do something with nothing holding me back.. I may as well give it a go!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Life does go on..

Its crazy how you loose friends.. you mourn over it.. defintley dont forget about them... but you just keep going on. Its all you can do, but sometimes its sad. There was a guy I have known since I was in 5th grade that passed away not to long ago. I dont really think about him as often as I should.. But reading on his myspace all the things his family and friends will write him, Its amazing. Its just like hes still right next to them and you would really think he is still alive. I hope when Im gone that my friends and family would not forget about me. So many people I knew passed away this year. I never really lost a friend until Jason. He really was a wonderful person, Its crazy how someone can just be taken away from you instantly. Then there was Stephen. I didnt really think about the men and women over fighting for our rights. Until he was gone. Even after he was gone he was still teaching us lessons. I know im alot more aware of things though. I try to be a better person and forgive the people I had problems with. When im gone.. and who knows when that could be.. I want to go in peace knowing that my friends and family will be okay.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Shiloh Ridge Pics

This weekend at Shiloh Ridge was a blast. It wasnt as muddy as I expected it to be and there wasnt as many people. I liked it like that! Im already counting the days until we go back in April! Sounds like everyone in LJ had a good weekend to! Kind of. Well heres a few pictures from the weekend!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Shiloh Ridge

This weekend a few of my friends and I are going up to Alto Texas. Its a huge mud park called Shiloh Ridge . Its a place we dont get to go to very often.. only about 3 times a year. Originally we were going to go to another mud park called Spring Creek... but with all this rain it was pretty much flooded. Shiloh is my favorite place ever to go fourwheeling! I really didnt want to go since everyone would be going April 19-21. But now im definitley excited! Were leaving tonight and were going to be home on Sunday. Its gonna be alot of fun! Im going to try to take lots of pictures, but its probally going to be extra muddy!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


So my sister Bonnie got married this Saturday. And im not even just saying this because shes my sister... She had the most beautiful wedding Ive ever seen. The reception was SO much fun and we basically danced the night away! They were married at Varner Hogg Plantation in West Columbia. They left early in the morning where they evantually arrived in Las Vegas. They came home last night with some great pictures and had lots of fun. But I know Baby Allie missed them both sooo much! When I came home later that night and as I went to lock our front door, I paused and thought to myself "Oh wait. Bonnie will probally be in soon." Then I realized Bonnies all married now and has her own place! Its gonna take some time to get used to it!

Golden Rule

So.. This week I have been staying at Marcus and Bonnies apartment. I was pretty much alone all last night and I really had alot I thought about. Ive been pretty depressed for awhile over some things. But like everything I get sad about.. I always realize it doesnt really matter. Ive learned these past 2 months alot of things. About how I should treat people, when and when not to make yourself happiest, and how to let go of things.
At some point something is going to matter to you sooo much and probally your going to realize how small it is. Or your going to realize a old grudge really doesnt matter. Your going to loose friends, meet new ones. And most importantly learn who your true friends are. Remember the golden rule from 1st grade?! You should always treat your friends how you want to be treated. I used to think when a friend would hurt me.. i should hurt them back. But that is definitley wrong. You should always be the bigger person. Be honest with your friends and dont do things behind their backs. Thats what hurts the most.
As Ive grown up some... Ive found myself to be a good person. I try my best for my friends and family, and I love them with all Ive got. You learn lots of lessons that show what kind of person you are.. People arent always going to like you. But hey.. your you. Growing up my mom would always tell me... "You are the people your friends with." I used to disagree with her sooo much, I hated when she would tell me that. But now looking back... Its sooo true. Look at who your friends are and see how much you are like them.. all of your friends. You probally have alot of the same habits as them. But im proud of who my friends are.. and what kind of person I am around them all. So choose your friends wisely.
Anyways I dunno what this really is about but whatever.. Im out


So generally I write my blogs on myspace. I love to write blogs.. normally they are about nothing in particular. Or maybe how im just feeling and whats going through my mind. Writing makes me feel alot better if Im mad about something. But I wanna try and start writing a little more often.. So im gonna give it a try!