Friday, June 15, 2007

Live. Love. Listen.

"I grew up in a small town alot like Tree Hill. On the edge of town, there was an overpass above an interstate that went places. Exotic places. Exciting places.Somewhere else. I used to sit above that highway and wonder where all those cars were going. Where people inside were going. Or where they were coming from. And as soon as I got my drivers liscense, I became one of them. For me, there were always two reasons to take a road trip, and neither of them had to do with destination. The first was to spend time with good friends. To talk. To laugh. To live. The second was to listen to music. New music. Old music. Great music." - Mark Schwahn

This qoute is just a entry on a cd I bought, Its full of some awesome music. Its got this really good song called Crown of Thorns. Id never heard it until right now. In the same paragraph im qouting from this man goes on to say, how you can hear a song and relate to it at some point in your life. Certain songs remind you of a good memory from the past. Tom Pettys "Last dance with mary jane", does that to me. It remeinds me of a entire summer, I was in looove with that song, and that was the summer I first heard it.

Its not just things you hear or see that can bring memories back.. What about smells? Like the perfume you were wearing, or the smell of your hair on a night that something happened to you. Its like when you use that scent for the first time in a while.. it floods you with memories. I just put a new air freshner in my truck.. and as soon as I smelled it it brought back such good memories! You should always pay attention to the sights and scents and sounds.. they mean alot to.

Anyways today ill be leaving for New Braunfels again, hopefully the weather will be as nice as it was last weekend!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Its called Suction Aspiration.

I wasn’t going to write this blog because TONS of people are going to find it offensive and be really mad. But for the mothers I know who got pregnant at 17 and 18 and do badass for themselves and there children... I am going to. Why do women who have something that’s apart of them in there bellys, decide to drink? Knowing they have this embryo inside of them that’s forming into a tiny precious little baby. An embryo THEY created on their own, an embryo that would have formed into a fetus and then into a fully developed human being... while there "mother" is pumping poison into its VEINS. A child that could have lived to be 100 years old, that child would have had a name.. A future.. It would find love and happiness, it might have had children of its own, it might have gone to college, became a doctor.. A lawyer.. but no instead a selfish human being who HAD the chance it will never get, wants to take a vacuum full of suction that’s going to literally RIP him apart. It’s going to dismember his HEAD from his neck moving on to his tiny little legs and feet, his hands and small little arms, his spleen and his ribs, EVERYTHING into a freaking VACUUM. If the cost of a child’s life is worth one damn drink to you.. You definitely do not deserve to have something people WANT but cant have. There’s such a thing as adoption.. it saves a 19inch 6lb child with 10 toes and 10 fingers, with 2 ears and a belly button, with there little nose and blue eyes.. or brown eyes.. maybe even green eyes. That child’s real "mother" may not want to be part of his life, but she cared enough to let someone else be apart of his life and save him. But if these women are dumb enough to drink and do drugs with this little body in there wombs.. let these mothers feel the guilt of destroying.. What could have been there child.. but they are to ignorant to know that they need to grow up and take responsibility of there actions..
If you’re too stupid to get on birth control...
Its called ABSTINENCE. No you can’t buy it.

And for a little more information about one of the most common forms of abortion...

If you cant handle it, dont click it.. its sort of graphic.

Click right here.

Out of nowhere

Passed out on a 4 hour road trip at 3 in the morning..
wow. where am I? What just happened? And then.. the first thing that comes out of my mouth after I was woken up by Brandi screaming is..
"Who even HAS 200 dollars"
Im soo sleepy.